Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -23 Tip

Let me be honest: most people do this backwards. Most people decide the type of set-up they want to do for their Thanksgiving dinner, then they try to determine how they are going to fit everyone around the table. It is my experience that we all dream of a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving event. Beautiful table covered in linen. Sparkling silver & crystal. Bone china. Lovely centerpiece. Sigh! We are realistic, though. We know we can only TRY to come a bit close to the dream. However, we still plan out the entire set up of table & food before we even know exactly how many people we should plan for!

First things first: call around & determine about how many people will be at your house for Thanksgiving dinner. If you expect 15 people & can only fit 8 at your table, you need to rethink your set up. You can set a lovely buffet table for your guests & seat them comfortably in your home rather than squeezing them around your table.

You always begin with the guests. It’s about the people, not the event. If everyone is having a good time & enjoying the food, that’s all that matters.

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