Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -17 Tip

You should have already asked your family for help. If you find you need more assistance with something, you can ask a family member again. However, this doesn’t just apply to those people that live with you. If you have an aunt that makes great pies, you might ask her if she would be willing to bring 1-2 pies to the dinner. You can ask other family members to bring a special dish to your dinner. As I have said before, Thanksgiving is a family event. Make the meal a family project. How wonderful to have a serving table filled with special dishes made by other guests at your dinner!

Now, about my comment yesterday about your lists & running into your guests. People often ask “Is there anything I can bring?” And too often, our immediate answer is “Oh, no, that’s all right!” No it isn’t! People want to be a part of your event. If they ask about bring something, let them! Pull out your list, see what you need & assign them a task or dish. It can be something as simple as ice or dinner rolls but everyone gets to participate. And don’t feel guilty. If they didn’t want to help, they shouldn’t have asked. And be sure to make note who is taking care of that item on your list. You are going to need to know who it taking care of each item later.

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