Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -13 Tip

There are these handy-dandy devices known as apple peelers. You clamp them onto a counter, secure an apple into place, set the peeler, turn the handle & TA-DA, it peels your apple! You need one of these if you have a large crowd coming. You need one of these. Now before you tell me that you don’t need to peel a bunch of apples for your meal, you should know this handy device can also be used to peel POTATOES! You’re welcome!
This is an old school item. You might find one at a small mom & pop hardware store, the kind of place you shop for canning products. Or go on Craig’s List or Ebay. If you buy a used one, be sure to get one that is not rusty. It may have a few spots but you need to make it clear that you plan to use it, not simply display it. You still need to use a hand peeler to finish the job but the bulk of the work can be done with the apple peeler. If 3 of you work together, one can use the apple peeler while the second finishes the detail peeling & the third cuts the potatoes.

We did this for our church Giving Thanks dinner where we have about 200 guests & it worked GREAT! You may like this technique so much, you peel potatoes this way all year long.

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