Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -12 Tip

I always advise against trying a new recipe when hosting an important event. Too much can go wrong. Stick with things you know. However, I understand the temptation of wanting to try something new, something special for your guests. If this is the case, I STRONGLY advise you test the recipe first. Your challenge today is to prepare any & all new recipes for your family dinner. You should also test any new equipment you may be using for Thanksgiving prep.

So, if you are using a apple peeler to peel potatoes, use now. In fact, use it to peel potatoes every time you fix potatoes for your family. If you bought new slow cookers, use them. Never wait until the big event to test anything. It greatly increase the odds that it either won’t work or will be more difficult to use than you expected.

On Thanksgiving, you should feel relaxed & comfortable, confident as you prepare your meal. Preparing new recipes a few times before Thanksgiving helps eliminate the stress caused by the unknown.

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