Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -9 Tip

Time to make a new series of lists. This set breaks down all your grocery needs & lists them on a page for each specific store along with the price of the items at that store. I like to make it easy to go in & quickly pick up the things I need, then move on to the next store.

Many stores create large displays in the front with many of the non-perishable items for easy shopping. You can quickly scan this area for the things you need to save yourself from wandering the entire store.

As I mentioned, I buy multiple turkeys & other Thanksgiving ingredients to enjoy the rest of the year. Most stores require you to buy a certain $ amount of groceries to get the low, low price on the turkey. So I make sure I get as close to that $ amount as possible. I want to avoid spending a fortune on Thanksgiving. I also try to stock up on basics that go on sale during Thanksgiving, like canned vegetables & sugar.

Spend time doing your homework so you don’t need to work so hard at the store. It seriously cuts down on your stress!

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