Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -7 Tip

One week until Thanksgiving. Take breath. Everything is great. Today I want to talk to you about grocery shopping. The stores are very busy right now. I think the best time to shop is early, early in the morning. Most stores do stock work overnight. This means things are often well-stocked first thing in the morning. Stores also tend to be quiet early in the morning. Try to get there when they open so you can avoid the crowds.

Now, a word of warning: tempting as it is, try to refrain from doing your grocery shopping on your way home from work. I know how it is. You’re already out. You don’t want to make a special trip. You just want to get it done. Yes, you and hundreds of other people! The stores are PACKED during rush hour with people stopping to pick up a few things on their way home on a regular day. At Thanksgiving, it is just a mad house. Save yourself the aggravation by getting up very early & heading to the stores. In a few short hours you can be done. Then you can relax & take a nap!

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