Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -1 Tip

The big day is almost here. In many homes across the country, the stress level is through the roof. In your home, calm reigns! You are ready for this because you planned, you worked smarter not harder. You can spend today doing anything that can be done ahead.
I clean my turkey & put it in the roasting pan then put it, covered, back in the fridge. I set the table, complete with serving dishes. Put a note in each serving dish so you remember what goes in each & you also remember to serve that item! Once the table is set, get help & cover the table with a clean flat sheet to protect it overnight. Set up the bar if you are having one.

Anything that can be made ahead & refrigerated the night before should be taken care of today. That leaves you time for all the tasks that can only be done on Thursday.
Get a good night’s sleep. Relax. You’ve got it under control!

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