Kick Off Summer by Preparing for Back-to-School: #3 Make a List

Kick Off Summer by Preparing for Back-to-School part 3

Now that you have cleaned things out & organized what you keep, you should inventory what you have. Then you are ready to make a list of the items needed for the new school year.

When Katy was growing up, it always cost so much money to send her back to school. Not just clothes & supplies but the fees we needed to pay at the beginning of the year. I regret not taking the time to do these things when she was young. Now you can benefit from my mistakes!

I am a great list maker! This doesn’t mean I make wonderful lists. It means I make LOTS of lists. I make lists for everything, especially big events like Thanksgiving, Christmas & BTS! My motto is “Work smarter, not harder.” By taking the time to sit down, plan things out & make a series of lists so I know what must be done, who is doing it, what need to be bought & who is getting it, I know right away where to turn when asked about specific items.

I like to create a series of shopping lists that I can carry with me at all times. I fold a sheet of paper in half horizontally & then again vertically to create a little book. If I need to, I add a second sheet so I have 4 or 8 pages, each page with a separate list. Perhaps one page for each child, one for supplies, etc. Carry it with you all the time. Should you come across a needed item, you can check you list & the price to see if you should buy it.

Keep your list updated. Make new lists if you need to over the course of the summer. Update lists in your master notebook. I know I sound fixated on this but having lists in the book & smaller lists you can carry with you helps make life much easier, & less expensive, for you & your family.

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