The Problem with Guilt #6: Guilt Likes the Dark

Guilt thrives the more we keep it to ourselves. guilt begins deep within us & likes to stay there. The longer we keep it locked up, the more it grows & multiplies. We feel shame when we haven’t done anything wrong.

The more we keep these feelings to ourselves, the more our fear grows. Since we don’t recognize these feelings as fear, we think it is guilt. this causes us to begin the guilt cycle all over again. The process is ongoing, burdening our lives with negative & dark feelings. This is a destructive way for us to live our lives. In fact, if this process is allowed to go on for too long, we won’t be living much of a life at all. We spend our time being self conscious, apologizing for everything that goes wrong around us. We grow weaker & weaker or we become extremely defensive, pushing away everyone in our lives until we are alone & miserable.

Time to break the cycle. Time to recognize our guilt for what it really is… FEAR! And it’s time for us to face our fear head on, getting control of it once and for all.

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