Kick Off Summer by Preparing for Back-to-School: #6 Shop As You go Along

Kick Off Summer by Preparing for Back-to-School part 6

While you want to have a shopping schedule so you are sure to have everything you need on time, you can begin picking up supplies & other items throughout the summer. By purchasing necessities all summer long, you save yourself a huge one-time shopping bill!

I know I have been saying this throughout this series but I wanted to focus on it one last time. BTS shopping is expensive. Rather than holding a marathon shopping session right before school begins, have your lists with you at all times & shop for items throughout the summer. You know your kids are going to need paper. Pick up a pack when the specials begin at the office supply stores & store it away until it’s time. Pick up a few things when you go to the dollar store. If you end up with extras, donate them to the school. Teachers need supplies for their classrooms, too.

Every time you go out to shop, you should pick up a few items for school. You can add a few food items for lunches when you grocery shop. Yes, I know how hard it is to hide things so they don’t get eaten. Purchase a large plastic bin & store it in the back of a closet or the rafters of the garage, put it in the attic with the Christmas decorations.

You can save yourself a lot of frustration by shopping throughout the summer, making sure you are able to get the things you want when they first become available. I know people groan when they see school supplies on display right after school lets out for the summer. Not every family is able to spend hundreds when August rolls around. Also, the selection is best when the displays are fresh. Wait to long & you are forced to pick over what is left.

One last tip: if you have a high school student, be sure to get a copy of their reading list for the coming year. When I worked at a major bookstore, we always ordered in dozens of copies of the books on the local high schools’ reading lists. How did we know what to order? A manager contacted the schools & had them send us their lists. If you wait until right before your kid needs the book, you may not be able to find the right version.

So, all this being said, I really want you & your family to relax & enjoy summer. This isn’t about spending the whole summer focused on back-to-school. It’s about setting priorities & taking care of business in a timely manner so you are able to focus on fun & sun during the break!

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