15 Pickle Recipes That Will Make Everything You Eat This Summer Taste Better

15 Pickle Recipes That Will Make Everything You Eat This Summer Taste Better

A few weeks ago, I was asking the women in my bible study what sort of classes they would like to take. I explained they didn’t have to be religious or church-oriented. I wanted to know the things they were interested in learning. The answers surprised me. Computer classes, how to use a smart phone, knitting & crocheting & canning, among other things. I am now working to schedule various classes here at our Simple Joy Cottage to meet their needs. Even the canning!

Country Living has provided me with a list of easy pickling recipes for summer, including asparagus, which was specifically mentioned. I really wanted to find a way to help women pickle food without making the process too complicated. If you are a beginner, canning can be intimidating. Plus, many people go overboard, buying dozens of jars & ingredients only to become hot & frustrated after their first attempt. I believe Country Living has taken the stress & fuss out of the process. So, it appears I will be in a pickle this summer… in the best of all possible ways! Enjoy!

Summer Pickles 

Family Tips for a Successful Summer

MOM! I’m bored! How many times do you hear this over the summer? I would always tell our daughter that I wasn’t the entertainment director on the cruise & she should find something to do. Sometimes this worked however, there were times when I needed to come up with something for her to do.

Unfortunately, even the most creative mom runs out of ideas to keep the kids busy throughout the summer. That’s when the good people at BHG come to the rescue. This article offers tips to help you not only keep the kids busy but also stimulated mentally.

And remember, the days don’t need to be packed with Disney-like fun-filled activities. Sometimes, it’s fun to just turn on the hose & let the kids play. It’s always those simple things that make the best memories.

Family Fun

25 No-Cook Potluck and Picnic Recipes

25 No-Cook Potluck and Picnic Recipes

I love picnics & potlucks but what really got me about this article from Midwest Living were the words “No-cook.” During the dog days of summer, it’s great to take a break from the heat of the stove with great recipes that require no cooking. This selection should help you through the entire summer, allowing you to not only avoid the stove but to also be able to bring something fresh & new to each of you summer events! Enjoy!

Picnics & Potlucks