Betty’s Best Fall Slow-Cooker Ideas

Betty's Best Fall Slow-Cooker Ideas

If you have been following this site, you know I LOVE my slow cookers. I love them so much that I have THREE of them! I am always looking for new recipes to try in my slow cooker. Preparing dinner in my slow cookers allows me to make great meals early in the day & then focus on other tasks. too many times in the past, I have gotten wrapped up in what I was doing only to realize it was close to dinnertime & I hadn’t planned anything! Anyway, Betty Crocker offers me (& YOU!) some fabulous recipes to help you plan & prepare meals this Fall. Enjoy!

Betty’s Best Fall Slow-Cooker Ideas

30 Ideas for School Lunches

Kids no sooner go back to school than they are already complaining about being bored with the lunches you pack. You go to the grocery store & your kids are begging you to buy those expensive prepared lunch kits. Sigh! Help is at hand! Good Housekeeping has put together 30 ideas for school lunches. That’s enough lunches for over a month, in case you are too tired to do the math! Get ready to pack & amaze!

30 Ideas for School Lunches

Bringing Books to Life: 10 Tips to Get Kids Reading


It makes me sad to hear a kid of any age say they don’t like to read. I believe the problem is either they have trouble reading (practice helps with this) and/or they haven’t yet found books they like. There are so many books available for kids today on a variety of subjects. I believe it is ALWAYS possible to find books any child will enjoy. To help you with your non-reader. Redbook has put together 10 tips to get the young reader in your life going!


Family Tips for a Successful Summer

MOM! I’m bored! How many times do you hear this over the summer? I would always tell our daughter that I wasn’t the entertainment director on the cruise & she should find something to do. Sometimes this worked however, there were times when I needed to come up with something for her to do.

Unfortunately, even the most creative mom runs out of ideas to keep the kids busy throughout the summer. That’s when the good people at BHG come to the rescue. This article offers tips to help you not only keep the kids busy but also stimulated mentally.

And remember, the days don’t need to be packed with Disney-like fun-filled activities. Sometimes, it’s fun to just turn on the hose & let the kids play. It’s always those simple things that make the best memories.

Family Fun