Fear Not! Finding Faith in the Stress of Christmas Sunday Week 1

“When Zechariah saw him, he was startled and was gripped with fear. But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John. Luke 1:12-13

Lesson Verse Luke 1:5-25


Key Points

Zechariah & Elizabeth just like Abraham & Sarah

Like Abraham’s son, Zechariah’s son ushered in a new age

Time is not a factor with God

Time & our lack of it causes a tremendous amount of fear for women during Christmas. We worry we will not have enough time to accomplish all the things we believe we must get done. How can we calm our fear over a lack of time? How can we keep faith that we can accomplish our tasks?

Purpose vs. Call


This verse works so well with today’s post. God has a plan for each & every one of us. Every person ever created, ever born is given a purpose by God. Our purpose is the work God wants us to do during our time here. Everyone has a purpose. Not everyone fulfills their purpose. Some decide to ignore their purpose, following a path of their own choosing, resisting the signals that urge them to follow a certain path. Some people even make a terrible decision as they fight their purpose.

Only believers, Christians have a call. Our call is our way of helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Your call might not be in ministry. In fact, some of the most powerful calls are outside the church. These calls enable us to impact our families, communities & beyond in very powerful ways.

With our purpose, God leads us to the tools we need to fulfill it. We have experiences, we have an education, the people in our lives, our personalities. Our call, once again, goes further. For our call, God not only leads us to those tools, He also provides us with Spiritual gifts & the Holy Spirit. These 2 things enable us to go beyond anything we thought possible with our own abilities.

I know this may seem confusing so let me give you some examples. Your purpose might be teaching. Your call might be reaching out to underserved children. You purpose might be raising your family. Your call might be volunteering in the neighborhood or focusing on the spiritual development of your children. You might have the purpose of working in an office or in a entry level job. Your call might be to encourage & support your co-workers, to create a more positive work environment.

Currently, Mr. D (my hubby) works overnights at Walmart. Not the most glamorous job but it helps support us as we build our ministry. It’s a job that allows him to pray as he works. It’s a job he can leave easily when God leads him to the next step. For now, Mr. D’s call is to encourage & support his co-workers. He remains positive. He helps the women lift items up to hire shelves. I help him remain strong by telling him to stay focused on his current call.It gives him more satisfaction.

It’s time to ensure of your purpose, then identify & answer your call. God has a plan for your life. Before you can begin, you need your purpose & your call. So begin already! 🙂

Monday Motivation & Inspiration: 2 Timothy 1:7


As moms, we often say how guilty we feel about things we do in life, especially as these things affect our family. I don’t believe we are actually feeling guilt. I think in reality we are afraid. We are afraid what people will think. We are afraid what people will say. We are afraid of doing the wrong thing or perhaps not doing anything at all when we think  there is something we should be doing. We make ourselves crazy! The guilt/fear discussion is for another day, many days in fact. Right now, I want to offer you encouragement to begin your week.

Keeping fear under control is a daily battle. I want you to be assured you have the most powerful weapon available to fight fear: The Spirit of God. The Apostle Paul told his young protege, Timothy that God didn’t give us a Spirit that makes us timid, makes us afraid, causes us to cower in the corner or hide under the covers. God has given us a Spirit of power. POWER! Power that overcomes all our fears, all the obstacles that stand in the way of us having a life journey filled with joy & peace.

The Spirit God has given us fills us with love. Love that empowers us to care for those around us. To offer support, encouragement to others without any expectation of anything in return. Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves is what Jesus told us. As moms, I feel it is vitally important for us to model this love for our children, showing them what we expect of them when we send them out into the world.

Finally, God has given us a Spirit that gives us self-discipline. Not just self-discipline when it comes to spend or eating, two areas that cause problems for so many of us but also self-discipline when it comes to what we say to other people, the comments we make on social media, the gossip we might share or the snarky comment we make about someone without thinking. When we feel we are unable to control ourselves, we can call on the Spirit within us to be strong for us, to prevent us from doing something we regret.

As we begin a new week,  I hope you are filled with the power of the Spirit, enabling you to do all things. Now, go out with joy!