The Problem with Guilt #5: We Go It Alone

A guilt trip is a lonely journey. We rarely take a companion along with us. Those around us may suffer because of our guilt but they aren’t able to ease it. We are unable to share our burden with others so they might carry part of it for us.

Guilt weighs us done tremendously. Unfortunately, when we try to ease our guilt, when we share our concerns with others, some people only add to our guilt. We make the mistake of going on social media to share our concern. 99.9% of our friends may be supportive but all it takes is that .1% making negative comments & we sink into our pit of despair. All we can focus on are the negative comments because they only serve to reinforce all the terrible things we have been telling ourselves.  

The lesson we learn from this is to keep our concerns to ourselves. We keep our guilt inside, letting it affect us in very bad ways. We doubt our abilities. Worse, we simply doubt ourselves. And this is a never ending guilt trip until we find a way to redefine it in a way that allows us to face the problem & deal with it.  

Hang in there. Only one more problem & then we can talk about solutions. Until then, become more aware of the process in your life & the impact that it has!

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